Kyrda is your go-to tool to improve your photography. Period.

The basics of photography revolves just a few key things: angles, composition, framing. All these elements help to craft a story in a photo. How can we best learn these basics from a photographer, without the need for the photographer to be physically there for you?

With this in mind, Kyrda is born. Kyrda is your Augmented Reality (AR) photography guide to taking better photos on your smartphone. It is the best tool for someone who just started out on photography and do not want to invest in expensive camera equipment.. yet. Launch the app, discover the photo spots left behind by our community of photographers and learn their techniques.

Be inspired. Let Kyrda be your guide.

Powered by Augmented Reality (AR)

Kyrda leverages on Augmented Reality (AR) to guide you on taking photos. Photographers leave behind their techniques augmented as a 3D model you see in Kyrda. Simply align your phone with the 3D models left behind by the photographers, and you will be able to take the photos taken by them. Learn their techniques, understand their styles, be inspired by them to take your photography to the next level.




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